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Parent Information

Bunker - Dad - DOB 07/27/2012
Reg# 1A7E07

Beauty - Mom - DOB 06/27/2013
                    Reg# 1A7E16

Ben - Dad - DOB 01/15/2015 

My beautiful Yellow boy with black points is always happy go lucky & wanting to play with adults & children! Bunker is very well tempered and never has any health issues,  he has a blocky head & a very fit athletic body. He is approximately 90lbs! He is a mated pair to Beauty.
This gorgeous chocolate female is an amazing Mommy! She always keeps her babies clean & safe. She is very happy & fun loving. Beauty has a big heart in a small 65lb frame. She is a mated pair to Bunker. 
This handsome boy is the youngest of my Dads. His points are diluted which gives him a very striking look. His eyes are green & his nose is pink. He is shorter to the ground with a lean athletic build. He has lots of energy & loves to run. He is a mated pair to Shadow.

Shadow - Mom - DOB 12/27/2014
Reg# 1AFFE5-08

Midnight - Dad - DOB 03/19/2012
Reg# 1A61FD

Happy - Mom - DOB 06/21/2015
Reg# 1ACC27-08

My beautiful Black girl is Daughter to Midnight. Her Mother (Sunshine) was retired after 4 years & now has a forever home in CT. Her look is referred to as a show/bench look. She is very submissive & excellent with children! She is the mated pair to Ben. 
My favorite boy has the most amazing personality, never needy but always wanting love! He is the most patient & gentle of all my children. Weighing in at roughly 85lbs & always in great health! He is a mated pair to Happy. 
Happy is the daughter of Bunker & Beauty. She has a similar temperament & personality as her dad Bunker. Her build is lean & fit. She plays gentle knowing when to submit to discipline immediately when told. She's in excellent health & of course very HAPPY!